Playing with Possibilities

We are all born into wonder…

but are often educated out of it.

Unlock the door to endless possibilities with the transformative Wonder Lab experience. Explore uncharted territories, shift perspectives, and cultivate the skill of wondering as a gateway to growth and innovation.

Though often dismissed as fanciful or impractical, wonder possesses profound power, capable of sparking creativity, fostering resilience, and deepening our connection to the world around us. Dive in to harness the power of wonder and thrive amidst the mysteries of the unknown.

A no-cost, no-tech way to instantly add engagement, passion, and purpose to you and your teams’ high-performance pursuits

Workshop Details:

The workshop is typically conducted over a full day but can be customized to a half-day or multiple days, depending on participant needs and preferences.


in engaging activities of self-reflection, interactive exercises, and group discussion. 


the “growth edge” where known abilities meet unknown potential, fostering excitement and uncertainty.



personal encounters and real-life challenges, utilizing Wonder Lab tools for practical solutions.

Who it’s for:

This workshop is ideal for leaders seeking support in leveraging the challenges of high stress and high demand for high performance, including professionals, athletes, artists, and anyone interested in exploring their potential in a supportive and creative environment.

The Facilitator

Dr. John Coleman (PhD)…aka the wonder-doc

From childhood, I’ve been captivated by those pushing human limits, leading me to pursue a PhD in wonder and human behavior. Today, as a father, husband, nature enthusiast, artist, mental performance coach and body-mind therapist for nearly two decades, I’ve witnessed wonder’s transformative power firsthand. From elite sports to therapy sessions, wonder has guided individuals through extreme challenges and opportunities, fostering growth and resilience. Facilitating countless workshops and presentations, I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore the boundless potential of humanity.

Key Topics:


What is Wonder:

Explore the depths of wonder, unveiling its overlooked essence, embodying openness to possibilities, and delving into the interplay of fear and love present in deep wonder.


Why Wonder

Learn about wonder's transformative power, unlocking new possibilities, dismantling barriers, igniting creativity, and navigating uncertainty towards uncharted paths.


How to Wonder

Harness wonder's remarkable qualities of curiosity, openness, and awe, embracing an open mind to foster growth and immediately apply its skills to navigate present complexities.


Apply Wonder

Implement what you've learned into an area of your work or life that needs attention, whether it’s a block, a challenge, or a growth opportunity that requires you to leave your comfort zone.

Benefits of Attending:


tools to spark curiosity and creativity, driving progressive ideas and innovation


uncertainty as essential fuel for growth, harnessing its potent energy.



an open, agile mindset to confront challenges head-on, break entrenched patterns, learn from mistakes, and overcome setbacks


connection and communication with others through empathy and genuine interest in their experiences.

Participant Requirements:

  • Bring a notebook or laptop for taking notes
  • Comfortable attire for active participation in activities
  • Most importantly bring an open mind and a willingness to learn


Dr John Coleman’s Wonder Lab Workshop was an engaging, informative, and inclusive session. It is easy to assume wonder is something fluffy and impractical. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dr Coleman demonstrated the power of wonder to solve problems, build relationships, and inspire innovation, and included practical steps. 

Heidi Rolston (Senior Vice President, People and Culture at Bosa Properties)

One of my Executive Peer Mentoring Groups recently invited John to lead us through the Wonder Lab Workshop.  We were admittedly skeptical at first as “wonder” is not a word often thrown around in the business environment.  However, the wonder workshop was wonder-full.  Four hours absolutely flew by and we all left energized and inspired to bring more wonder back to our organizations. John’s wisdom, experience, grace and storytelling is captivating.  The models and exercises he moved us through created breakthroughs in thinking.  We literally could not stop talking about wonder for the remainder of our retreat. 

I highly recommend this workshop for leaders in organizations who are wanting to create breakthrough moments that will transform and elevate the trajectory of their business.

Sue Matheson (Partner and Co-Founder High-Impact Lab)

I was privileged to be able to participate in one of John’s Wonder Lab sessions. In a very personable, vulnerable and open environment I was astounded to find my mind opened to new possibilities that I was previously closed to.

John left me with some practical and user-friendly tools that I have no doubt will enrich my life.

Trevor Jahnig CFO & Vice President, Finance at Tolko Industries

Contact Information

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Join us in the Wonder Lab and lay the foundation for your personal and professional growth. Embrace wonder as a process for expanding your horizons and unlocking the boundless potential that lies within.