Flow is the relationship between ourselves, our environment, and the present moment. At times, our flow is expansive and at other times, it’s more restricted. However, anywhere and anytime, we can make a decision or take an action to shift our state to deepen and expand our flow. We are always in a state of flow.

The question isn’t
“Am I in flow?”

The question is
“What flow am I in?”

FreeFlow: The State

Being Relaxed, Alert and Open to Possibility.

FreeFlow: The Practice

Achieving FreeFlow is practice-based. It works, and it is work. The most important part of this process is consistent deliberate and intentional practice. FreeFlow training is strength and conditioning of the mind.

FreeFlow: The Pathway

As we journey along our personal arc of evolution, we will find ourselves within a continuum of experience. The range of FreeFlow work includes;

Zone 1:

Enhancing Performance through dreaming, hunting resistance, and confronting challenge

Zone 2:

Solving Dysfunction through creativity, updating your mindset, improving habits

Zone 3:

Healing Impairment by strengthening your foundation.

Zone 4:

Supporting Transition by expanding perspective, trusting in the unknown, and engaging in the change

We will all ebb and flow within all four zones throughout our life. Where do you find yourself now along the continuum? We work where you’re at while always aimed at your evolution.