Unleash Your Potential

Embark on a transformative journey that empowers you to break through limitations and unleash your full potential. The FreeFlow Mindset is a dynamic self-study course designed to facilitate lasting change, growth, and continuous learning.

What's Inside:

16 Video Lessons (Approx. 10 minutes each):

Engage with insightful content delivered in bite-sized, impactful sessions.

9 Practical Exercises:

Engage with insightful content delivered in bite-sized, impactful sessions.

A Comprehensive Workbook:

Reinforce your learning with a thoughtfully crafted workbook, providing structure and guidance throughout your journey.

Lifetime Access:

This isn’t just a course; it’s a lifelong resource. Gain access to the FreeFlow Mindset course for life, allowing you to revisit and sustain your ongoing growth whenever you need it.

Unlocking Your Path to Unbounded Growth

Welcome to the FreeFlow Mindset Mini-Course, where we’re about to embark on a transformational journey of the mind. Imagine a mindset that not only supports your dreams but propels you toward them. Picture a mindset that views challenges as opportunities and setbacks as stepping stones. This course is your key to unlocking that mindset.

Benefits of the course

Our mindset wields immense power over our actions, behaviors, and ultimately, our entire lives. It can be the ally that supports your growth or the barrier that restricts it. It can either open you to the expansive field of possibility or close you off from it. In the pursuit of your lofty dreams, you’ll face big demands, high stress, and serious consequences. You’ll confront your limits, experience setbacks, and be challenged to persevere. That’s where a powerful growth mindset becomes your greatest asset.

The Problem…

…lies in the fact that our mindset is often formed unintentionally, influenced by external factors during our formative years. It’s only when we actively examine our mindset that we can recognize its limitations, and purposefully initiate changes to ensure our mindset becomes a valuable asset to our personal growth, rather than an obstacle.

A Solution…

Curated from cutting-edge research in performance psychology, neuroplasticity, hypnosis, and neurolinguistic programming, and enriched by over 18 years of working with individuals and groups, this course offers principles, tools, and practices that are practical, effective, and tailored for high-performers like you to actually do the work to update and enhance your mindset.

What's Included?


John Coleman

John is a wellness and high-performance coach specializing in opening pathways to personal evolution. With a doctorate in performance psychology, a designation as a registered therapeutic counsellor, and connections with various spiritual traditions, he has cultivated a unique skill-set. With over 15 years of experience his progressive and relevant contributions to the field of human performance are internationally sought after.

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