Kind Words

Josh Dueck

Paralympic Gold Medalist and motivational speaker

“This man inspires excellence”

Working with John is next level business! Through stimulating conversation and reflection he has a way of supporting me to connect deeper within myself in a controlled and comfortable process of self-discovery. The first time I met John I felt an instant connection with him, which made it easier to develop a trusting relationship.

“I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for helping me navigate some of the darkest periods of my life”

At the recommendation of fellow athletes who I really respected, I first started working with John in around 2015 when I was competing at the highest international level on the trail running circuit. John opened my eyes to the power and role of self- expression and examination in sport and he helped me unlock some of my potential. In the years since then, the work I have done with John has transitioned from high performance sport to therapeutic as we worked together to help me process grief and trauma. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for helping me navigate some of the darkest periods of my life. 

Adam Campbell

Professional mountain athlete

Ally Bogard

Founder of Gaiatri Yoga


“A true visionary in his field, his intelligence is only out matched by his intuition to guide, coach, council and teach people to perform professionally, show up personally and to fly spiritually”

Very few people are able to strike as delicate a balance between professional integrity while holding a clear and expanded vision for his clients like John Coleman. 


He has a deep passion for helping people become their highest vision of themselves while living a life of wonder, truth, and connection. He lives, works and relates by the highest standards and inspires others to do the same.

“Grounded us in possibility & curiosity”

John’s wonder workshop was a total highlight at our Arc’teryx Ambassador Summit! John’s session challenged our group of 30 to be vulnerable, ask questions and share openly about both fears & dreams. This was so refreshing for a group our size & especially for the folks who had never met in person before. It grounded us in possibility & curiosity which I was so grateful for.  John is an extremely generous, thoughtful and kind leader!

Arc’teryx (Megan Irvine)

Senior Community Specialist -North America

Kristi Richards

2 x Olympian and World Champion mogul skier.

“John gave me tools that created clarity and the ability to see my true desires moving forward”

The work that John and I did together through my transition out of elite sport was profound. Through John’s meditative exercises, I was able to clear my mind of all fears, judgments and thought clutter, so that I could actually feel what was my truth. It gave me a deep knowing that my decision to change my path was right, which gave me the confidence to make the necessary steps to move forward.

“John is a gardener, he plants seeds in your mind that grow into actions, words, thoughts, emotions and beauty”

He has been a great help in making me believe in my potential and in turn helping me share that with other female skiers via my business.

Leah Evans

Professional freeskier and founder of Girls Do Ski- Freeski camps

Mark Abma

Professional Freeskier

“Every time we meet, I discover things I didn’t know about myself”

It’s easy to get caught up in the motions of life and forget about what makes you tick.  Once you realize what it is that makes you do what you do, you can use this knowledge to better know yourself.  It’s through talking with John that I’ve been able to have a more conscious focus on and off the mountain.  Along with this awareness and his breathing techniques I feel I’ve become a better skier and more in tune with life.

“After my first meeting with John I knew right away I wanted him as part of our team”

In over 25 years of involvement in high performance sport, performance psychology was always the hardest area to find great resources. Dr. John Coleman focuses on the psychology of obtaining optimum performance states for our coaching team, staff, and athletes performing in an individual sport. He was an irreplaceable asset to our best ever results at the 2014 Paralympic Winter games in Sochi.

Robin McKeever

Canadian Para-Nordic Head Coach, former Olympian and Paralympian guide

Tatum Monod

Professional Freeskier

“He has the experience to be able to see what you are most excited about, to guide the conversation intelligently, and work from a base line of truth”

I went to John because I needed an unbiased, good listener to help me organize my thoughts pertaining to direction in my life. After our first meeting it was evident that John not only listened to my words but he listened to the essence of what I was trying to convey and that way he gained insight into what I might need.  John has an interesting bag of tools to help with a multitude of personalities and stories. Our conversations were effective because I was guided to discover my own revelations. John pointed me in the right direction with a few exercises and really helped to show me that I have my own answers, always.

“His ability to provide comfort and appropriate challenge makes for an incredible space to face your darkest demons and pursue peak mental performance.”

I would not be where I am today, only five years after a life altering traumatic injury, without the guidance and support of Dr. John Coleman. John’s open minded and empathetic approach made me immediately feel like he understood where I had been, where I was, and where I wanted to go, even though “where I want to go” wasn’t always positive. John’s idea of working towards acceptance was a concept that changed my perspective of the situation I was in and allowed me to create space to grow even with the new challenges I faced. His ability to provide comfort and appropriate challenge makes for an incredible space to face your darkest demons and pursue peak mental performance.

Tyler Turner

Paralympic Champion, first bi-lateral amputee wingsuit pilot

Penny Werthner (PhD)

Dean of the Faculty of Kinesiology (University of Calgary). Renowned sport psychology consultant. Former Olympic athlete.

“John is a wonderful and caring human being and that is embodied in everything he does.”

I have known John Coleman for more than 10 years and I continue to be intrigued by how he thinks and how he works with individuals. John is certainly an excellent consultant in the field of sport and performance psychology. But he is so much more. He is an innovative thinker and creates wonderful innovative methods for working with individuals so that they are truly able to understand themselves more deeply and begin to choose ways that will help them excel. John is a wonderful and caring human being and that is embodied in everything he does.  

“A primary practice can be great for working on commitment, managing stress, and overall mental wellbeing”

Implementing a primary practice has had a huge impact on my daily life and my high-performance athletic career. It has provided a clear goal to bettering myself and the road map to accomplish that. I have been able to explore different practices to address the mental health areas I have found to be most important to me. A primary practice can be great for working on commitment, managing stress, and overall mental wellbeing.

Christian Gow

x 2 Olympian, World Champion medalist

Derek Hanson

Alberta Gymnastics Federation

“John’s presentation was exactly what we were looking for. Not only did he have some new and different perspectives on this difficult topic but was also very engaging and entertaining at the same time”

We had the pleasure of hiring John Coleman as a keynote speaker for our Alberta Trampoline and Tumbling Coaching retreat.  He spoke for a group of provincial and national coaches with over 30 people in attendance. We asked John to talk about fear. Our sport, like many others, has an inherent risk involved with its participation. Trampoline and Tumbling coaches are constantly looking for ways to assist our athletes in facing and overcoming the fears and dangers they face every day. John was able to connect with our group very quickly and it was great that he interacted with individuals and their personal stories.

“Ultimately he helped build our own unique potential”

Through thought provoking conversations and inspiring workshops, Dr. John Coleman helped myself and others find our comfort zone and step outside of it.

Jeff Scott

Live It Love It President and Co-Founder

Kristy Davison

Highline Magazine Publisher and Editor in Chief

“His ease with individual and group settings, and his talent for bringing the best out of people is above and beyond description”

John has a natural ability to see through to the best in people and to gently help them realize it in themselves. I have witnessed him develop this natural skill over the years and have seen its impacts on myself and in others. Personally, he helped me to face my fear of performing in public and was a major support in bringing out a talent in me that I didn’t know was there. John is a true change-maker who has helped transform the community of Canmore through his efforts with Know Your Neighbour Night as a host; bringing an authentic and deep level of engagement to these community events that we created together.