Train Your Mind

21-Day FreeFlow Primary Practice
(Ongoing self-guided online program)

Learn to focus when it doesn’t matter so you can when it does

Many people say their mind is one of the most important tools for their success, especially on demand and under pressure. Yet few people actually train their mind deliberately, intentionally, and effectively. Let’s change that now!

Life is a constant opportunity of exposure therapy. Life is saying “Hey, this is you. Now integrate it!” Followed by, “Hey, this is you. Now integrate it!” And so on, and so on. We are attracting the perfect conditions, contexts, and situations to learn, resolve, and realize what we need to evolve. The problem is that we often reject this truth or miss the opportunity to integrate this truth because we are distracted or have a mindset that we’re not capable of handling what is coming at us. 

A primary goal of this 21-Day program is to equip you with a practice that you can use for the rest of your life to help accept yourself, your life, and grow.

Why Train the Mind?

It is said that we’ll have 84,000 thoughts and movements of the mind each day. Who was tasked with counting those movements, I don’t know. Is it an exact number? Of course not. But it’s clear that we have A LOT of mental movement. Each of those 84,000 thoughts and movements of the mind are doors that can either be open and create connections to growth, or can be closed, create disconnection and block our growth. Are you ready to train your mind to open doors of growth?

Train Your Mind

is a 21-Day self-study virtual training program that offers principles, tools, and practice designed to help you open more doors of potential through the power of your mind.

As humans we are creatures of habit, and so in a way we are always training our mind. However, most of the time that training occurs unconsciously and we end up reinforcing old beliefs, patterns, and behaviours of which, some support our growth, but many do not.

First and foremost, this program is designed to help you cultivate awareness. Because we can only change what we are aware of. We can only love that which we are aware of. With expanded awareness we can choose to continue with supportive patterns and start modifying unsupportive one’s.

Symptoms of an untrained mind: Your mind is slow, restricted, and weak

  • Easily distracted
  • Caught in old beliefs/patterns
  • Easily neurotic…giving something too much energy or not enough energy
  • Dissociated from self, others, and the present moment
  • Slow decision making
  • Stuck in inertia…moving through your life repeating and reinforcing the same patterns

Benefits of a trained mind: Your mind is fast, free, and powerful

  • Deep connection with self, others, and the present moment
  • Enjoy life, while being open to new experiences and lessons
  • Strong sense of meaning
  • Effectively manage stress with the ability to be calm, at peace, and regulate
  • Processing life instantly in the moment, as it is unfolding
  • Quick decision making