Know Your Mind

7 part Video Series

Understand the mind, so you can understand your mind!

The human mind is fascinating, powerful, and often misunderstood. The mind is one of our strongest tools…but has become one of our weakest links. We are perpetually distracted, our mental health is decreasing, and we’re simply disconnected from the full capacity of the mind. Knowing the mind is critical for leveraging its power to realize our dreams, big goals, and full-potential. 

Drawing from cutting edge neuro-science and ancient traditions, western psychology and eastern mysticism… engaging story-telling and a ‘practical workbook’ are used to help you understand the mind. Know Your Mind  supports you in enhancing your personal mental training practice or coaching others in theirs.

A precursor for the 21-Day Train Your Mind program. For people deeply curious about the mind, for coaches or leaders supporting others in strengthening their mind.

Video Content Includes:

Video 1:
Introducing The Mind

Video 2:
Life Flow -Waves of Opportunity

Video 3:
Anatomy -Nuts, Bolts, and Beyond

Video 4:
Function -Levels of Connection

Video 5:
States of Being -From Distraction to Deep Contemplation

Video 6:
Mindsets -Beliefs and Behaviours

Video 7:
New Frontier -Training the Mind


A practical tool to start applying the principles shared in the videos to knowing your mind.


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