Why Book John?

FreeFlow presentations are invitations into the unknown which will ignite your group’s questions, curiosities, and growth. I will add fuel to your fire through compelling story-telling, passionate delivery, enthusiastic messaging, and relevant experience. My job is to guide you into spaces that you have not yet been. With wonder at the helm, we will navigate new terrain with intimacy and openness. You and your group will come away from our time together with; some answers, deeper and different questions, and the inspiration to keep going into your journey of self-discovery and self-expression,


Themes of Presentations include and are not limited to:

  • Turning Fear into Focus: Unlock the Power of Fear
  • Deliberate Disruption: Embracing Challenge as a Doorway to High-Performance
  • Leverage Stress to Avoid Burnout and Enhance Performance
  • Beyond Confidence: Confidence Feels Good but Isn’t Needed
  • Custom Presentation