Embodied Mental Training

for health, high-performance, and evolution of the self

Flow: Expanded

Flow is an optimal state of consciousness for performance, yet it can go beyond that.

FreeFlow is both a state and a practice, that draws from performance psychology, body-mind therapy, and spiritual traditions to expand awareness, energy, and clarity for health and high-performance.


Create routines, do stuff, learn, get better


Create routines, do stuff, learn, get better


Create routines, do stuff, learn, get better


FreeFlow might be a fit if you are:

  • Ready to take responsibility for your own evolution
  • Willing to invest effort into discovering and expressing yourself
  • Excited to play, be creative, and enjoy the process by not taking it so seriously
  • Hungry to grow

FreeFlow is not a fit if you are:

  • Fixed in your mindset 
  • Unwilling to work and change
  • Expecting  a quick fix via a magic pill
  • Needing  a cheerleader to pump your tires

Dr. John Coleman

Dr. John Coleman has over 18-years of experience as a body-mind therapist, high-performance coach, and wellness consultant. He is inspired to deepen and expand the human experience by revealing and redeeming aspects of life that are currently hidden. He optimistically believes in what we have yet to see or imagine. John has learned that in order to grow we must let go of expectations and attachments to accept the beauty and conflicting harmony of the imperfection, impermanence, and incompleteness of the creative process.

  His approach is straightforward, relevant, and process-based to support the individual ready to create a momentum of growth. 



Josh Dueck

Paralympic Gold Medalist and motivational speaker

“This man inspires excellence”

Working with John is next level business! Through stimulating conversation and reflection he has a way of supporting me to connect deeper within myself in a controlled and comfortable process of self-discovery. The first time I met John I felt an instant connection with him, which made it easier to develop a trusting relationship.


Learn about our FreeFlow Offerings – Programs, Direct work, and Immersions. The FreeFlow state of being relaxed-alert and open to possibility. It is from that state that we can really grow.


Strength and Conditioning

Mental training is strength and conditioning. FreeFlow programs provide structure for your training through deliberate and intentional practice.

Direct Work:

Catalyst of Connection

Change is a constant…but are you changing to have more connection, or less? FreeFlow direct work is all about creating connections to your known abilities, known possibilities, and unknown potential.


Feel it All Over

Be immersed in the FreeFlow state and access the field of possibility. Together, we elicit joy and uncertainty to bring you to the margins of who you are. We’ll co-create an environment in which we can enjoy splashing around in the shallows, as well as diving deep into self.


Unleash Your Potential

Lets begin your journey into your new high-performance self. Here you will learn how Freeflow training is based on a four phase strength and conditioning cycle: Find, Know, Strengthen, and Free your mind. In this journey of self-evolution you will cultivate a powerful base-state of being relaxed and alert, and have access to effective methods to expand your flow to launch into high-performance when it matters most.



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